Mionetto: a longtime story of love

The origins of Prosecco have ancient roots and date back at least as far as the Roman times, during which, over 2,000 years ago, was given a strong boost to the development of viticulture and enology in the whole noth-east of Italy.

The Prosecco grape variety has therefore developed through many historical periods, during which the founding principles of today's Mionetto took shape, one of the world's most important hubs of sparkling wine that has witnessed the assignment of the DOCG and DOC designations in the last decade.

The values and the characteristics of Prosecco.

The success of Prosecco, both nationally and internationally, is definitely tied to the organoleptic characteristics of the grape and the qualities it embodies and reflects in the different stages of consumption:

FRESHNESS AND FRUITY AROMAS: Prosecco presents itself with a fresh and simple style, easy to understand and enjoy in the tasting phase.

LIGHTNESS: The versatility and lightness of its bubbles make for the perfect aperitif as well as accompaniment during celebrations, to be enjoyed in the company of others.

CONTEMPORARITY AND ITALIAN STYLE: the image and the Italian style of the product are casual and qualitative, not snobbish not elitist. "The Prosecco is democratic".

Prosecco can have different and distinctive features depending on the area of origin of the grapes, reflecting specific organoleptic and chromatic properties. The famous grapes originating from the Prosecco DOCG area where the best-quality grapes are found, produce a bright straw-colored Prosecco with a slight and thin foam, lively floral aroma, predominant notes of apple, pear and citrus undertones, making for a harmonious and gentle bouquet

The extended Prosecco DOC area produces different floral and fruity notes based on the characteristics of the soil, generally less intense and persistent in comparison to Prosecco DOCG.

Prosecco may be Spumante or Frizzante depending on the perlage:

Prosecco Spumante, the best-known and most common type, has fine and persistent perlage. Based on the sugar content, Prosecco Spumante can be Brut, extra dry or dry. Prosecco Frizzante has delicate and less persistent perlage.

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